We pride ourselves on providing evidence-based personalised
care and attention while providing you with information and answers
to all of your questions so you are informed and comfortable. The
FNChiro Care Team is totally focused on you and your family!
Our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists are trained in various
techniques to enable us to cater for all ages and stages of life!
We love providing quality care to newborns, babies, children,
teens, young adults, adults and the more mature!
The Far North Chiropractic focus is to make sure you are treated
with techniques that suit you, while providing you with honest
feedback and advice about your health and wellbeing. With
access to state of the art equipment available within our modern,
computerised clinics, and Chiropractors who regularly travel
interstate to enhance their knowledge and skills, we aim to provide
you with the most up-to-date quality evidence-based care that we
possibly can! This means you can be confident with your care from
the moment you walk in our door to the moment you leave!!!
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We pride ourselves on quality of care and therefore chose to utilise a
long consultation model. This means that we allow an hour for a New
Patient examination and treatment. We always provide treatment as part
of your Inital Consultation - the sooner we start you on the road to
recovery the better! A regular visit is dependent upon patient needs and
can vary from ten minutes to half hour. At FNChiro, the focus is on
providing the care that is required at that point in time, so we do not rush
people. We find out all relevant information before providing treatment, so
that we can ensure that we provide the best care that we possibly can! We also will not
hesitate to refer you to other practitioners if we feel you are not in the right place!
Honesty and integrity is very important to us!
For your convenience, we also offer
professional Massage Services! Our
Remedial Therapists provide various types of
massage depending on your individual needs.
For those who find they benefit from massage
immediately prior to their Chiropractic care, a
quality massage service is available. We also
provide services such as nutritional advice, practitioner-only ranges of supplements,
lower limb biomechanical assessments and orthotics, workplace and community
seminars, ergonomic assessments, active-care posture and rehabilitation advice and
much much more! Have a look at the FNChiro Services page for more information on
what quality services we offer!
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Welcome to Far North Chiropractic!   
Quality Massage and Chiropractic Care
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